Golf Sprinkler Nozzles

Designed to perform within 5% of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) nozzle flow rating, each FCIProfile sprinkler nozzle is individually assembled by hand to assure proper alignment of all components for consistent performance nozzle to nozzle. They cost more than standard plastic sprinkler nozzles, because there is nothing about them that is either standard or plastic. And considering their lower water, energy and maintenance costs, FCIProfile sprinkler nozzles actually pay for themselves very quickly. And after that, they’ll actually be increasing your revenues as you continue to pay less for water and maintenance. FCIProfile sprinkler nozzles undego relentless testing, logging countless hours at the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) indoor lab facilities and on-site field testing. This not only assists in design refinement, it provides proof of the superior distribution uniformity of the nozzles by comparing data from tests of stock OEM nozzles under identical conditions.
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